Sunday, 26 February 2012

SEO strategy tips for Mobile Apps


Search Engine Optimisation techniques are well documented throughout the internet and are consistently applied to websites all over the world on a daily basis. Yet with the growing importance of SEO for mobile web applications, these techniques seem to be getting overlooked.
The fusion between Desktop and Mobile worlds has been created by the explosive popularity of apps which is reshaping web links around the App Store and Android market. The most popular apps listed in the App Store and Android Market are dictated by the volume of downloads and the ratings each one receives. Yet these app profile pages are also webpages and are driving the expansion of backlinks and social popularity of these pages thus giving them and extraordinary influence over organic searches.

Think about mobile app SEO

Instead of optimising your application for search, you need to optimise the description and your metadata on the application stores you use to release your app. You need to think about you target audience and the users you’d want downloading and using your app.

Make your brand feature prominently in the app name

To tap into the link juice that mobile apps provide it is critical that the app name within the App Store and Android Market is also the link anchor text, in order to get these sites to link to your app profile page. Also make sure you include the brand name in the URL for the download page.

Link from your home page to your profile page

Build a landing page dedicated to your apps and include links to direct link juice from the most important pages on your site to your apps landing page, this section should contain reviews, screenshots, features etc.

Feature the brand name in any anchor text that links to your app download pages

You have to tell the search engines that the App store or Android app page is all about your brand, many brands make the same mistake by linking to their app profile page without including the brand name or worse case by linking to the page using a graphic. Be smart and use your anchor text wisely.


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