Sunday, 26 February 2012

24 Signs (You’ll Recognise) That You’ve Been Doing SEO Too Long


1: You’ve spent longer than 30 minutes crafting a title tag.

2: You tell your colleagues that it’s “all about TRAFFIC, not RANKINGS!”. Yet you are secretly as obsessed as they are.

3: When you’re not at work you check rankings on you’re phone, making sure to go through a proxy to get desktop SERPS, naturally.

4: You’ve been so happy that a website was finally ranking on first page… before realising you’re signed in.

5: From now on you’re OCD to check you’re not signed in, your location is set to the right place and Safe Search is set to “moderate”.

6: One day you’ll give Rich Snippets a try. Honestly, you will.

7: You do of course deplore black hat techniques… but secretly thumb up a YouMoz post that mentions a good trick.

8: You can instantly list 6 good reasons why you’re client’s developer’s idea for an Ajax site is a terrible idea.

9: You’ve gasped when a URL you’re looking for doesn’t have a Cache. “Probably just the data centers” you say, not really knowing what that means.

10: You have at least one secret SEO theory you’ll take to the grave.

11: You’re not on Facebook when you shouldn’t be, you’re “investigating how social networks have helped this piece of content spread”. Or something like that.

12: You’ve made an SEO joke to a non-SEO friend. He understood but didn’t laugh.

13:You join the WWF because of the Panda update.

14: You occasionally joke that you’ll “phone up Google” to get something fixed. You know this is hilarious.

15: You’re jealous that with PPC it is so much easier to control rankings.

16: When you see someone using Bing of their own free will, you are amazed and point at them like you’re at the zoo.

17: You have never actually seen someone click a PPC ad, unless they were testing that a landing page works.

18: You’ve scrolled up and down the original PageRank paper deciding whether to read it. You quietly clicked Back.

19: You stare at the board in your office, reminiscing of Whiteboard Fridays gone by.

20: You can spot an out of date Analytics code from 20 paces.

21: You’re half way over to Yahoo! Site Explorer before you realise it’s gone.

22: The word “canonicalization” just rolls off your tongue.

23: Infographics are your top shelf magazines.

24: Getting comments on your blog post make your day… Hint, hint.


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