Sunday, 26 February 2012

Quick SEO Tip #2 – Keyword Performance


Hi guys, we’ve got the second instalment in the quick tip series for SEO here.
When starting an SEO campaign, create a list of possible keywords to target, that you think are relevant to the site. Pick the 5 most relevant keywords with the most search volume with the least competition. Pick atleast another 5 keywords to use on Adwords. If you find that the keywords that you’ve chosen to use within Adwords are converting well, look to see if it’s possible that you should change the keywords that you’re targeting within organic search for the given keyword.
While it’s best to change the focus as early as possible, there’s no point in continuing targeting keywords that aren’t converting well. So if you find yourself at page one however the keywords aren’t converting as well as you thought – look to see if there’s any other keywords that are related to the site that you could change the focus to by utilizing the above technique.


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